Professional Android App Development Training
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Professional Android App Development Training

Want to develop your own Android App? 20 hours of Live Training is just what you need!

Self paced


Wish to work with Android Operating System?
Want to develop awesome Android Apps?
Is your next big App idea just waiting for execution because you lack the skills?

Well, you have reached the place which has the answers for you: a full blown Android App Development Training. And you can do all this in a bare 20 hours.

The world has been taken over by the Android storm, and it is the largest mobile operation system powering smart phones, regular phones, tablets and other devices. With continuous upgrades and additions being carried out by Google, the world of Android is only meant to grow, and with this growth comes the perfect career opportunity for you.

With ever-increasing demand for Android developers, the job market is perfectly ripe for those who possess these skills. Do you have these yet? In case the answer is no, then this is the moment for you.

Special Features of the Course:
  • Live Examples: LIVE is not only better than recorded, it helps you learn better as you clarify doubts, ask questions and get answers instantly.
  • Discussions: We believe in collaborative learning and enable Facebook-style discussions with the Instructor and other students. Pick examples and network with fellow students.
  • Instructor-led: We don't just leave you on your own. Our teacher guides and motivates you at each step of your development.

Course Package:
  • 21 LIVE interactive online classes
  • Access to recordings for reviewing
  • Instructor led training
  • Includes practicals and exercises
  • Includes two tests
  • It includes common Android Interview Questions and their Answers
  • Sessions can be downloaded for future viewing and extended learning

Frequently Asked Questions for the Android App Course:

Ques 1. What if I miss any Android class?
All classes are recorded automatically. You can access class recordings in your WizIQ account as many times as you want and when you want.

Ques 2. Does this course include hands-on-training based on Android App?
 The tutor will provide you regular practical assignments and feedback on areas to improve. There will be suggestions for exercises which can be taken up between the classes.

Ques 3. What is the min net speed required to attend the LIVE classes?
 512Kbps of internet speed is recommended to attend the LIVE classes. However, students with lower net speeds have been attending the classes (performance can’t be guaranteed though).Ques 4. What should I do if I get stuck with any software problem at the time of the class?Ans. Trust us, you will never lose a lecture and you can access the class recordings anytime. We also have a 24x5 support team, so in case you need any clarification for the concepts explained or help in debug or installation, the support team can help you on one-to-one basis.

Ques 5. For how long can I access the class recording?
 You can access the class recordings, any number of times, for a period 6 months.

Ques 6. What are the payment options for Andriod Course?
You can pay using your Credit Card or your PayPal Account.

Course Outline:


  • What is Android?
  • Understanding Android Architecture.
  • Different components of an Android Architecture.
  • Use of Activity, Service, Content Provider & Broadcast Receiver.
  • What is Android Manifest.xml file?
  • Setting up development environment.
  • Understanding logging & debugging mechanism in Android Development Tool.
  • Developing a Hello World app in android.
  • Understanding different folders in an android project.

  • What is Android Activities?
  • Understanding Android Activity LifeCycle.
  • Creating an Activity
  • Implementing a user interface
  • Declaring the activity in the manifest of your demo app
  • Starting an Activity
  • Starting an activity for a result
  • Shutting Down an Activity
  • Managing the Activity Lifecycle
  • Implementing the lifecycle callbacks in demo app
  • Saving activity state of your app
  • Handling configuration changes

Intent & Intent Filters of Android Programming
  • What is Intent?
  • What are different types of Intent?
  • Understanding how intents are resolved in android.

Services used in your App 
  • What is Service?
  • Different types of services?
  • Understanding Service Lifecycle.
  • Creation of services & declaring in Android Manifest file?
  • Inter process communication with service.
  • Understanding process priority in Android.

User Interface in Android
  • What is View?
  • What is Layout?
  • Different types of Layout in Android & their use.
  • Different Widget available in Android for User Interface.
  • Understanding different layout params in Android(margin.padding.width, height etc.).
  • Event Handling in Android App.
  • What is list view, grid view in Android?
  • What is adapter & which are the different types of adapter?
  • When to use which adapter?
  • Writing custom adapter in Android.
  • Creating & using Menus, Sub Menus.
  • Different types of Dialog in Android.
  • Creating & using different dialogs in Android.
  • Creating & using custom dialog in Android.

First Android App Test 1
  • This Andriod test will be conducted covering the above mentioned topics.
  • This App Test will contain multiple choice questions.

Data Storage in Android
  • Understanding permission in Android?
  • Understanding Shared Preferences.
  • Saving Activity states.
  • Using SQLite Databases for storing data in Demo App.
  • What is content provider in Android?
  • Creating & Using Content Provider.
  • File saving & loading in Android.

Animation in Android App
  • Understanding different types of animation in Android.
  • Creating & using 2d & 3d animation in your Android App.

Android Multimedia
  • How to play audio and video in your app.
  • How to use a device camera to take pictures or video in your app.
  • Understanding & using Media store in Android.

Sensors & Services of your Android App
  • Understanding & using different sensor in Android (Orientation,accelerometer etc).
  • Using Location service in Android.

Overview of Telephony, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi of Android
  • Using the Bluetooth APIs .
  • Understanding & using Wi-Fi APIs.
  • Understanding & using Telephony APIs.
  • Sending & receiving SMS & MMS.

Understanding different Design pattern for Web Services
  • How to architect your app in order to consume Rest Apis.
  • Understanding three different design pattern for consuming REST api in android.
  • Developing sample app for the same.

Test 2
  • A test will be conducted which will cover above mentioned topics after Test 1.
  • Test will contain multiple choice questions.

Signing and Publishing your app in android market

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor

Bangalore , India

Sukhwinder Singh has been teaching engineering graduates, young programmers and experienced professionals, Java for 5 years. He is renowned for his practical oriented approach to teaching, liberally using practicals, simulations and exercises to engage the student interest in Java. He is skilled in both Core as well as Advance Java concepts like Spring Framework, struts, JSP, Java Web Services, ORM with Hibernate, JSF and Websphere. His comprehensive and complete knowledge of Java makes him an ideal instructor for your Java learning. He holds a post graduate/ Masters degree in Computer Applications. He is based out of Chandigarh, India.


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